Disciples Class

March 27th - April 24th

Understanding the power of the WORD in every believers life is essential, and the word of God is a tremendous resource. It is the only authority for His disciples.
  • In the first two weeks of the class we will examine why it's important to study the Bible, who can study the Bible, and how to study the Bible. 
  • The following two weeks we will learn what is required to be and make disciples, looking not only at Paul's model but Jesus Christ's as well. 
The class is open to anyone, and it is also a requirement by the church for anyone wanting to facilitate a Life Group. Seating is limited to 15 people.
The Class Introduction will be Wednesday, March 27 in the Lodge following the church service. This will take approximately one hour.
  • We will discuss the class, expectations, handout all study material, and go over the first weeks assignment. All learning material will be provided. 
  • You will need a 1" three ring binder or 3 prong folder. 
  • We will also go over requirements for being a Facilitator and go through Registration for the Facilitator training class.

The classes will run from March 27th - April 24th.
We will meet every Wednesday night from 6pm-8pm.

Child care will be available.

Colossians & Philemon: What does it mean to be complete in Christ?

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