Ministry teams

There are many ways to connect and serve here through our many Ministry Teams. We encourage all believers to use their God given gifts, talents, and abilities to serve Christ, our local body and our community to advance God's kingdom. Contact one of our team leaders listed below to get plugged in and start serving. We look forward to hearing for you! 

  • Team Leader: Blaine Schroeder

    Phone number: 940-733-8019

  • Worship Team

    Team Leader: Mark Craig

    Phone number: 940-867-5626

  • Photography Team

    Team Leader: Mike Hicks

    Phone number: 940-867-2343

  • Production Team

    Team Leader: Wesston Riggs

    Phone number: 940-235-5402

  • Team Leader: Jeff Peck

    Phone number: 940-882-0269

  • Chuckwagon

    Team Leader: Ronny Cartwright

    Phone number: 940-631-8855

  • Hospitality Team

    Team Leader: Sidney McCown

    Phone number: 940-631-6101

  • Facility Team

    Team Leader: Guy Smith

    Phone number: 940-631-5088

  • Team Leader: Patsy Mayo

    Phone number: 940-636-0934

  • Team Leader: Garnet Jackson

    Phone number: 940-642-0880

  • Team Leader: Luke Morrison

    Phone number : 940-781-7304

  • Audit Team

    Team Leader; Don Daugherty

    Phone number: 940-781-1187

  • Security Team

    Team Leader: Dale Rosdhal

  • Team Leader: Garnet Jackson

    Phone number: (940)-642-0880

  • Medical Team

    Team Leader: Corrie Gulley

    Phone number: 940-631-7798